There Is a Great Story Behind Yakima's Notable Racks

The flagship of the rack industry, Yakima was responsible for the growth and development of the car rack category in the U.S.
Yakima was born in Yakima, Washington and raised in Arcata, California, the brain child of Don Banducci, a really smart river rat who dropped out of college to kayak. He and his team developed product for themselves and their friends. The end result after over three decades is an amazing array of product that fills every transportation need.

Yakima Roof Racks
The rooftop of your car is naked. Nothing to be ashamed of, but if you want to carry some toys, you're gonna have to cover it up.
Yakima Rail Racks
Take off the crossbars that came with your car and add some beefy Yakima steel.
Yakima Permanent Racks
Sometimes it's good to Commit to the Rack. Get out the drill, the templates and create the strongest rack system available.
Yakima Gutter Bases
Raingutters, are rare as hen's teeth, but if you're lucky enough to have them, they're pretty bombproof.
Yakima Truck Racks
Protect your gear and your truck, while protecting the guy tailgaiting you. These racks are excellent for work trucks.
Yakima Load Bars
The humble crossbar is an integral part of the whole rack thing. Without a crossbar, you got nothin' but a bunch of random hardware.
Yakima Rack Security
He who steals my purse steals trash. He who takes our bikes, canoes, kayaks and other gear is trash. Yakima makes it easy to lock things up. Protect your investment.
Yakima Wind Fairings
Want a quiet experience gliding down the highway to your favorite playground? Check out Yakima fairings, the fairest of them all. Just ask the mirror (the one on the wall).
Bike Carriers
There are many ways to carry bicycles. Stick 'em on top, on the rear, or in the truck bed. Your bikes will thank you.
This is the category that started many years ago, so Cartopians know water sports transportation like the top of our cars.
Skiing Snowboarding Racks
See the snow fall. Fall, snow, fall! Fall fall fall! See the lifts run. Oops! Dick forgot sunscreen! Toast toast toast, Dick. Jane drops in to a couloir. Shred, Jane, shred!
Adapter Parts
Want to put something on a factory rack? How about an adapter to adapt it? Hence the name.